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Political Resources for Wisconsin Voters

Today is the Wisconsin Primaries, and I have to say I have not seen so much excitement over politics since the 1992 Elections. It is easy to get caught up in the election fever, but we should also be educated voters. By that I mean that we should not vote on sound bytes from CNN, or Fox, but with complete facts. So I decided to share some resources that might help you vote today and this coming November.


I just found about this site called Vote Smart. It is the ultimate resource for a voter. The site has everything you want to know about a specific candidate from where they stand on issues to how they voted on a bill to campaign finances to even public statements and speeches. This non-partisan site is a tool I think every voter should use at the national and local levels of politics and government. The site calls itself the’Voter’s Self Defense System’ and I have to agree.

Here are some other resources from previous posts definitely worth checking out.

Site of the Day: Maplight – A great resource on how voting on bills connect with lobbyists’ contributions

Site of the Day: Unity ’08: A new type of concept where people pick the candidates to run for president and vice president. It is a site to create a presidential ticket by using technology and not lobbies and money. The ticket will comprise of candidates from both parties or even an independent.


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