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Happy Valentine’s Day…Who Am I Kidding


Ok, today is Valentine’s Day. My friends know I don’t think highly of this day. It is a day to get you to spend your hard earn money on some sappy card that will be thrown away in less than a week, a day where thousands of instant flowers will be killed before their prime just to show some symbol of affection. If you have someone, you should show your affection 365 days a year and not condense it to one day. With that said, I decided to share some ideas and videos for you lovesick fools out there. So enjoy.

Culinary Seductions

For you guys who want to cook a romantic dinner this evening go over to Culinary Seductions. It is a cooking site for men. Their slogan is “The Guys Guide to Cooking for Girls”.

At Culinary Seductions we believe that food is the key that unlocks hearts, minds and a whole lot more. Our mission is to entertain and educate all those who are interested in winning their dates over with food.

I have not tried any of the recipies, but they do look interesting. The recipies are broken by courses and menus so the guy doesn’t have scramble all over a sight to find the right things to cook. Meat Loving Madam(I am not going there), Seafood Sweetheart, and Veggie Vixen are some of the names of the menus. They even have restaurant reviews for those who screwed up the meal or just plain lazy to cook a meal for that special someone.

The next one is close to my heart (excuse the pun). For those who have geeks as their special one check this out

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And for all those “frugal” romantics check this video out from 2007’s Sexiest Geek Veronica Belmont.

For those who are too chicken to tell how you feel about someone, check this site called HadtoSay. You can tell that special someone how you truly feel without knowing who it is. Yeah. Why don’t you freak them out on Valentine’s day.

And finally, for all those spending this day alone (like me). Take some time and learn something. Here is a video on the history of Valentine’s Day from

Well that’s is all I have for you suckers, I mean lovers.

Happy Valentine’s Day

P.S. Here are some more for us single folk


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The Ultimate Player’s Ball

play date

Being single can be fun, but also can kind of suck. There are not that many places to meet people other than bars and clubs (there sure is a lot of bars here in Milwaukee). It is not exactly always greatest environment. Don’t get me wrong, it can be fun sometimes, but not all the time.

My hometown of Atlanta has come up with an alternative. It is called Play Date Atlanta. They call it an alternative to the everyday club scene. Instead of meeting in bars, people from diverse backgrounds meet in a nice venue to play games such as chess, twister(that could be really fun), dominoes, rock’em sock’em robots, and pac man. I think I would like to give that a try.


Would you try something like this? Is there anything like this in Milwaukee?

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