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Site of the Day: Dashwire-Connect with your phone


Have you ever wanted to share the info on your phone like photos, videos, etc. with a friend or family? Have you ever forgot your phone and you wanted to find a contact or text message a friend or multiple friends, or even check your voicemail? Wouldn’t it be great to control your phone from your computer like the set the ringtones, wallpaper, or even speed dials?

The Site of the Day could be your answer. The site is called Dashwire. It can do all that and more. Dashwire is currently in Beta, and I finally got invited to try it out. Dashwires works by installing a small app on your phone (I have Windows Mobile phone). Then it basically syncs your information to your Dashwire account. It syncs your contacts, text messages, call log, photos, videos, ringtones, voicemail (you have to sign up for free service from CallWave to use it). Another cool feature is that once you take a photo or video you can automatically sync it up to a page you share with your friends and family.

You can check out video of how the site works here.

From Dashwire’s site:

At Dashwire, we believe that some things are just easier to do on your computer. Dashwire’s free service automatically mirrors your mobile phone to the web, making it significantly easier to manage, enhance, and share the memories captured on your phone with others — no cables or instruction manual required.

Your phone content — contacts, text messages, calls, photos, videos, Internet favorites, speed dials, ringtone, and wallpaper — is seamlessly uploaded from your phone and safely stored online in your Dashwire account.

With Dashwire, you can…

  • Send and receive text messages from your computer without picking up your phone
  • Automatically upload photos and videos captured on the go to easily organize and share with your friends
  • Add an address book contact on your computer and have it instantly appear on your phone
  • Easily set Internet favorites, ringtones, wallpapers, and speed dials – in seconds from your computer
  • Discover the coolest stuff available for your phone

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Site of the Day: WhyGoSolo


I haven’t done one of these in awhile. This is site is kind of close to me. Why you ask? This site is a great tool for people who just moved to a new city. I have lived in almost 10 cities throughout my life. It is easier to meet people when you are younger and in school, but once you are out of school, it becomes more difilcult to meet new people with similar interests (and there is no way in hell I am going to use MySpace). is trying to help with meeting new people with similar interest. It is not a dating site, but more about connections and finding people who have similar interests.

WhyGoSolo is for making spontaneous offline connections happen. It is the ideal solution to quickly create one-on-one or small group connections for active participation in offline activities. And the perfect solution for bridging your online worlds (blogs, other social networking communities, Facebook) into offline interaction…

With WhyGoSolo you’re always able to find or post activities you’re interested in doing, and find someone to do your favorite activities with. Post on WhyGoSolo and watch the announcement propagate through the web with our applications, widgets, and partnerships throughout the web.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are: sports, the arts, culture, food, games, you’ll be able to find a like-minded person with the same interests to go and enjoy your favorite activities. No more wondering what to do on your day off, on the weekends, in the evenings or when you have some free-time. With WhyGoSolo… you can always find something to do with someone new and exciting.

It has similar features like myspace and facebook, but more of a focus on actual connections. I just created a profile. Check it out!

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Site of the Day: Create your own Virtual Mixtape

the mixtape

I missed the days of creating mixtapes for friends back in the day. I use to make mix cds, but it was a little inconvenient to share with somebody in another state or country especially with out the instant reaction. This is where Mixaloo comes in. I found about this site from Springwise.


With Mixaloo, you can create your own mix from over 3 Million Songs. Then you can share your mix on your myspace, facebook, blog, or any other website.  Here is the kicker.  You can make money from your mix.  If people purchase the songs off of your mix, you get some money.  The money would be sent to a paypal account. If you don’t have a paypal account, you will need to set up one.  The only problem right now is that the songs are only 30 second preview (which sucks), but they are apparently working on full tracks.  Give it a try.  It is a cheap gift to give for the holidays and you could make some money to boot.

Speaking of Mix Tapes go check out Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore’s Book Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture.

The book is a collection of stories, essays, art, and other contributions by various artists, musicians, and writers. It centers around the role of the mix tape and cassette culture in the lives of the contributors, which stands as a testimony to the importance of the medium starting in the late 1970’s to its relevance today. Here tapes are used mostly to confess love or admiration, or to expose an acquaintance to new and underground music. (From Wikipedia)

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Site of the Day: Family Matters

CoziThis ‘Site of the Day’ is specially for the busy families out there. It is called Cozi. It is an online organizer for Families on the go. It has a variety of features to help families plan, communicate and organize their lives.It features a group calendar where you can coordinate the whole families schedule, shopping lists where you can organize things you need or tasks that need to be done, messages that can be forward to someone in the family via email or mobile phone, and a photo screensaver that includes reminders of appointments and other important things that the family needs to know about.There are even software tools that let you access your account with out software and Microsoft Outlook plugin to sync your information from Cozi to your Outlook accounts. Best of all, it is all free. Give it a try.

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Site of the Day: The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Ahh, the holidays.  Getting with family and sharing those precious moments with the world. Right. Wrong.  The site of the day allows you to share those embarassing, humilating family holiday moment.  Hellish Holidays is the site and if anything, it can make your family look like the Brady Bunch.  You can submit your moment to share with the world.

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Site of the Day: Unity ’08

unity ‘08

While my candidate, Stephen Colbert got bumped by South Carolina (North Carolina is better anyway). I came about this site called Unity ’08. It is a site to create a presidential ticket by using technology and not lobbies and money. The ticket will comprise of candidates from both parties or even an independent. It is asking the public to be more active in the political process than they are now. Which in itself is great. As Americans, and Milwaukeeans, we need to take back our communities, cities, states, and nation from power hungry, apathetic bureaucrats, politicians, and lobbyists. They will also hold an online political convention in June 2008.

Unity08 is a growing movement of Americans that will combine America’s oldest values and newest technology to change our politics forever. We believe that neither of today’s parties reflects the aspirations of the majority of Americans. Both are unduly influenced by special interests and by money. We believe that, as each generation before us has done, it is time to re-ignite the torch of freedom and create the re-United States of America.

We are of all parties, all ages, and all ethnicities.

We will not waste time talking about the shortcomings of today’s parties or pointing fingers and bickering as they do.

Instead we will prepare to hold, in June 2008, the first-ever online convention where millions of Americans will nominate a Unity ticket for President and Vice President of the United States. We will work to achieve ballot access for that ticket in all 50 states. We will elect them to the White House in November 2008.

And, we will empower the American people to determine the crucial issues that will constitute the New American Agenda for the next president – and then vote on the key questions about those issues that all candidates seeking the Unity08 nomination will be expected to answer candidly and directly.

We invite all Americans to join us as voting members, to light up their own torch of freedom, and to help us reactivate the true American community – where finding common ground is how true leaders meet crucial issues and prove worthy of both our history and our dreams.

I am joining. You should check it out.

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Site of the Day: Out to Lunch

Having problems trying to coordinate lunch with co-workers. Trying to pick a restaurant, takes more time than your job. This is where my site of the day comes in. It is called Crazymenu.

Crazymenu is a collection of online applications and tools-geared more toward office workers-to make eating lunches as easy as pie. However, the site can be used by anyone to find any type of restaurants or eating places for any occasion… You can search for restaurants, view menus, coupons, reviews, write your own reviews, add or update a menu, write your own restaurant guides, real-time coordination with online users to vote and pick-a-place and a time, coordinate a group order, upload and enhance your photos and more…

One of the neat feature is their Group Order application.

Group Order is an online web 2.0 application that simplifies the life of office managers or anyone who has tried to order for bunch of hungry people. We automate all leg work out of the process and make it very easy to find who wants what and give you compiled list at the end.  Try it out.


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Site of the Day: Taking Notes meets Myspace

School is officially back in session. You got 8 classes, and you got a tone of notebooks taking notes and trying to stay organize. You even have notes on napkins and on your hand. You ask your friend to copy is notes either his or her notes are incomplete or you can’t just read them. Here is where our site of the day comes in.


The site is called Notesake. It is a collaborative note taking website. Think of it as Myspace for notes. The site makes easy to collaborate, share notes with other members of the site.

Work Together

You and your classmates or study group may work together under one group within NoteSake, sharing notes between members. We understand the dangers of plagiarism. Only those who have been invited to join by the creator of a group may view the notes compiled by that group. This is done for your privacy, security, and safety.

Easily pass a note

Do you wish to give someone a copy of a note? This is also easy to accomplish—just pass along the note to the desired recipient. The recipient then possesses an exact copy in their notes page. At this point, the recipient may do anything with the note. This, of course, is done completely independent of your own copy.

This is a great idea especially when laptops are becoming a requirement in colleges. Check it out.


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Site of the Day: Story of My Life

It has been a while since I have done one of these. Now I am running three blogs: the one you reading now, the newly designed Rhythm Lab blog and RadioMilwaukee’s newest blog about Milwaukee Music called 414 Music.

Why do I bring this up? Well it has something to do with the site of the day. It is a kind of blogging tool; however, it is more than that. Think of it as a site that you can track your life experiences, dreams, photos, videos, etc. and then share it with your family. Then having other family and friends do the same and then connect with each other.

The site is called Story of My Life. I think this is a great idea. Among all the other features I mention, the one I am really interested in trying is the ability to build a family tree and connect with family stories. This site maybe a good tool to help families communicate and grow together. It is like a family scrapbook on steroids.

story of my life

What also makes it great you can make it private so only the people you want to see it, see it.

Give it shot and let me know what you think. Maybe other ways of using this tool.

The company even started a non-profit called Story of My Life Foundation (original). Where the goal of this foundation to promise that your life story will be there forever.

Mission Statement

ForeverThe Story of My Life Foundation™ is a not-for-profit
entity who manages the content related to the
Story of My Life website.
Our Mission Statement

  • To collect and keep people’s Legacies, in the form of
    Stories and corresponding files, forever.
  • To assure this data is accessible online forever.
  • To respect people’s privacy wishes regarding their
  • To capture the Story of every person on earth.
  • To sponsor Story pages for those who otherwise may not have
    means to do so

Also check out (A similar site that uses a collaborative timeline).

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Site of the Day: For the Kids


This is not only site but free software from the Media Labs at M.I.T., and it is just in time for back to school. The name of the site and software is called Scratch. Scratch is a computer programming language developed for kids 8 and up from M.I.T. Media Labs. It is designed to help help kids to be familiar with the concepts of computer programming.

The software runs on windows and macs and it is free of course. So this would be great for schools to get kids interested in computers and technology. Allowing them to make the games instead of playing them. There are resources for educators and teachers to develop programs for their students as well.

The other cool thing about Scratch is it’s an online community. Kids can share their creations with other kids from all over. Kids can download other creations and see how it was created.

scratch overview

Check out this introduction to Scratch

[ ?posts_id=145&dest=-1]

A quick video tutorial

A Scratch Workshop

Also check out Blender 3d package. It is 3d and game creation software for free. It is great for older kids and adults. Check out what it can do here.

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