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Give the Gift of “Garbage”


This has been the year of  being green, and the holidays are no different.  How about giving that special someone and indoor composter.  Instead of letting those leftover spoil, you can create compost.  A company called NatureMill out of California(where else) created such an appliance.

The units are small enough to fit in regular kitchen cabinets, can process up to 120 lbs (55 kg) of organic waste per month, and use just 10 watts of energy. Composting takes place inside a sealed inner chamber. Air is drawn into the chamber by a small fan, and a mixbar and heater keep the process moving along at the correct temperature. A red light indicates when the cure tray needs to be emptied—about once every two weeks—and the end-product is rich compost fertilizer.

The units sell for USD 299–399. An outdoor version (USD 399) takes care of pet droppings, too: “for up to 2 large dogs, or 4 cats, rabbits, hamsters, snakes or other small animals.” NatureMills ships worldwide, but international shipping is costly. The company is building a global network of dealers. Time to contact them if you import or sell eco/household/kitchen products.   (via Springwise)


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Hunting for Cool Gift Ideas


The holiday season is upon us, and trying to find that right gift for that someone might be difficult.  It is even harder when you have a budget.  We can’t all buy from the Niemen Marcus Christmas Book.

This is is where Cool Hunting’s 2007 Gift Guide comes in.  A former Site of the Day, Cool Hunting has searched all over the web for the coolest gift ideas.   They break the guide into variety of categories and prices.  Just check out this teaching drum set for kids.


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Book’em Danno: Amazon Kindle


Amazon just dropped their iPod for books called Kindle. It is a wireless e-book reader. The concept of a portable e-book reader is nothing new. Amazon is trying to change the landscape of print publishing with this device. A screen that is easy to read in any setting including outside in bright sunlight. It has the ability to read not only books, but magazines, blogs, and even your own documents from application such as Microsoft Word. It looks like it took some of it is technology from the XO. The kicker is that has the ability to connect to the EVDO network just like a cell phone. So you can purchase books, and magazines anywhere without the need for a wi-fi connection. Plus Amazon doesn’t charge you for the connection. You can even connect to Wikipedia for no charge as well.

This could be the future textbook for students, imagine the cost saving for students (this might not work well for medical students). Amazon has over 90,000 e-books available for the Kindle right now. Check out these couple of videos on the Amazon Kindle. It costs $399.00. I think it is a little steep. Once the price comes between $100-150, I think it will catch on.

Would you try this and do you think this could replace traditional books or at least a specific area of books such as textbooks or newspapers?

A more detail video of the Amazon Kindle

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