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Kanye West and Education

Kanye West Education

I really have a lot of respect for Kanye West as an artist and a person. Yes I know, he has had his moments in the media with his temper tantrums. However, he is one of the few artists that is passionate about is craft and art. To put it honestly, he is one of the few people that really says what is on his mind. In addition to that, he really cares about is community. Take his Kanye West Foundation for example. The goal of the foundation is to help kid in schools by providing creative outlets and programs in music for the kids.

Now he has joined a program called ED in 08. What is ED in 08?

Strong American Schools is a nonpartisan public awareness and action campaign offering a voice to every American who supports “ED in 08.” Our goal is to ensure that the nation engages in a rigorous debate and to make education a top priority in the 2008 presidential election. We hope that candidates will offer genuine leadership rather than empty rhetoric and tell voters how they intend to strengthen America’s schools so all students receive the education they deserve.

Check it out and sign up. Let your politicians know how important it is. Because frankly, the education system is not fair across board. A good education not only makes a difference for a kid, but for our whole society.

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A Good Friend and Writer

I have friend since Middle School who now live out east.  He has been like a brother to me.  He is amazing friend. He is also amazing writer.  Check out his new blog called the Drunken-Doodler.  It is quite insightful and moving.  Here is an excerpt:

Cynic with Flair, as usual, has posted a very interesting post about the Armenia genocide perpetrated by the Turks in 1915. She claims that 500,000+ Armenians perished.

I have to disagree with her.

So many more perished.

This is a dated rendering of my partial family tree.

I can actually trace my lineage back thirty-seven generations.

My daughters can trace their lineage back thirty-eight generations.

The first generation on this family tree is my paternal grandfather.

The next generation is his children and includes my father.

My father is circled in red, and he had two kids.

My big brother and I are the two x-marks.

Many more of my cousins have kids.

If someone were to have killed my grandfather before he ever had any children, one person would not have died but well over thirty today. In time, countless generations would have potentially been forever lost by one act of malice.

Five hundred thousand Armenians did not perish in the genocide perpetuated by the Turks but rather all of the countless generations that would be alive today had the lives of those five hundred thousand Armenians not been ended before their time.

That is the true tragedy of killing another human being….

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This Why DJs Rule…

I found this over one ofmy favorite blogs, The Couch Sessions. I love being a DJ, and it is nice to see stuff like this. However, I now need to step up my game. Damn!!!

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When Dogs Go Bad…

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Time Killers: Viral Videos

I thought I might share a cool video with y’all while you are waiting to get out of work and go to happy hour enjoy.

I found all these links from a great web show called WebbAlert.

Here are the links to everyone mentioned in the full video:
1. Dramatic Chipmunk
2. SouthPark: The Spirit of Chistmas
3. The Star Wars Kid
4. The Numa Numa Guy – (and don’t miss his sequel)
5. The Back Dorm Boys
6. Napster Bad
7. The Winnebago Man
8. Bert is Evil! No, really evil!
9. Goatse…ummm, go look it up on Wikipedia…
10. JibJab
11. GI Joe PSA’s
12. You’re the Man Now, Dog – which blossomed into a full-blown community.
13. Spongemonkies
14. The Superbowl’s Gay
15. Ask a Ninja
16. Average Homeboy … who now has his own super-cheesy website, or watch him being interviewed on the local news
17. LonelyGirl 15
18. House of Cosby’s
19. Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager
20. Ze Frank
21. Lazy Sunday
22. Kid from Brooklyn
23. Bubb Rubb and Lil Siss
24. George Lucas in Love
25. Micahel Richards/Kramer’s Racial Tirade
26. Myspace – the Movie
27. The Chuck Norris List
28. Geriatric 1927
29. Mahir/I Kiss You – oh, and here’s the story that made him famous
30. Brian Atene auditions for Stanley Kubrick (and here he is reacting to his young self 20 years later. Yes, he gets even better with age.)
31. Leroy Jenkins – and the post-battle interview.
32. Homestar Runner
33. Grape Stomp (with slo-mo replay)
34. Paris Hilton Sex Tape
35. All Your Base are Belong to Us
36. Diet Coke and Mentos
37. OK Go – Here it Goes Again
Plus – The band’s website
38. The Shining Remix
39. Sneezing Panda
40. Dick in a Box
Plus – The Guys That Made It All Possible
41. Rocketboom (now with a new host)
Amanda Congdon now on ABC
42. Yacht Rock
43. Snakes on a Plane
44. The Angry German Kid
45. Otters Holding Hands
46. Daxflame
47. Bride’s Massive Hair Wig Out
48. Colbert Roasts Bush
49. Little Superstar
50. Lightning Bolt!
51. OMG Shoes!
52. Tom Cruise CRAZY on Oprah
53. Weird Al’s White & Nerdy
54. Kevin Federline – Popozao (comments disabled on YouTube!)
55. Cox + Combes’ Washington
56. Ashlee Simpson Lip Sync Debacle
57. Boom Goes the Dynamite
58. Lilly Tomlin in a Fight
59. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
60. Christmas Lights Gone Wild
61. William Shatner’s Rocket Man
Stewie Griffen’s spoof of Shatner
62. The Evolution of Dance (#1 Most Viewed in YouTube history)
63. People Getting Hurt
64. Talking to their Web Cam
65. Chocolate Rain
John Mayer’s Spoof
And the official site of Chocolate Rain’s singer
66. I Like Turtles

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Hip Hop in Perspective

[Check the caption under picture. Great Journalism there Washington Post. Thanks to The Couch Sessions for this]

With all the hype surrounding Kanye West and 50’s cd this week, I admit have I been suckered by the marketing machine. I do think Kanye’s record is really good (3.5 out of 5); however my man over at ill doctrine, made me step back and think for minute(actually longer). The fact that there is a lot of shallowness in the world. We forget that there are people are doing amazing and creative things to help each other. Instead of sinking money into the stagnate music industry, Jay Smooth gives us ten things to do with our money instead of fueling the marketing machine of the hype between Kanye & 50.

[podtech content= &totalTime=224000&breadcrumb=03765767bafc45a19e96d619aa8aff94]

Do you have any other things that we could do that might make the world better or even just in your own community? Leave a comment.

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What is that tune?

I have been getting a lot of calls on the bed music I have been using during talk breaks. I mean a lot of calls. So for those who want to know what it is, I will tell you.

Liquid Crystal ProjectThe song is called A Tribute to Troy by an artist named J. Rawls. The album is called the Liquid Crystal Project which is collection of instrumental cover songs. “A Tribute to Troy” is covering Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth’s classic track “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)

J. Rawls

J.Rawls’ production is best known for his work with Black Star, a rap group formed by Mos Def and Talib Kweli.

J.Rawls – A Tribute to Troy

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)

J. Rawls - J. Rawls Presents the Liquid Crystal Project - A Tribute to Troy

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Site of the Day: Story of My Life

It has been a while since I have done one of these. Now I am running three blogs: the one you reading now, the newly designed Rhythm Lab blog and RadioMilwaukee’s newest blog about Milwaukee Music called 414 Music.

Why do I bring this up? Well it has something to do with the site of the day. It is a kind of blogging tool; however, it is more than that. Think of it as a site that you can track your life experiences, dreams, photos, videos, etc. and then share it with your family. Then having other family and friends do the same and then connect with each other.

The site is called Story of My Life. I think this is a great idea. Among all the other features I mention, the one I am really interested in trying is the ability to build a family tree and connect with family stories. This site maybe a good tool to help families communicate and grow together. It is like a family scrapbook on steroids.

story of my life

What also makes it great you can make it private so only the people you want to see it, see it.

Give it shot and let me know what you think. Maybe other ways of using this tool.

The company even started a non-profit called Story of My Life Foundation (original). Where the goal of this foundation to promise that your life story will be there forever.

Mission Statement

ForeverThe Story of My Life Foundation™ is a not-for-profit
entity who manages the content related to the
Story of My Life website.
Our Mission Statement

  • To collect and keep people’s Legacies, in the form of
    Stories and corresponding files, forever.
  • To assure this data is accessible online forever.
  • To respect people’s privacy wishes regarding their
  • To capture the Story of every person on earth.
  • To sponsor Story pages for those who otherwise may not have
    means to do so

Also check out (A similar site that uses a collaborative timeline).

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