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Everyone is invited to the Funeral

It has been a while since I posted. I am busy redesigning The Rhythm Lab Blog and working on some cool videos for RadioMilwaukee. I will be back soon enough posting on a regular basis. In the meantime, here is one of my favorite video blogs to entertain you. CNN, Fox News, NBC, Bill O’Reilly, MTV, and every other useless media organization this is for you.

Enjoy, and send all you flowers in care of Hip Hop.

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Not to get political or anything

I try not to get political on this blog, but I found this video of Dick Cheney talking about how invading Iraq would be a mistake. The video is from 1994. This is just something to make you think… Personally, I don’t trust any politician. Democrat or Republican. I think 99% of all politicians don’t really care about the people but just themselves and their legacy they leave. We as Americans need to stop voting on what politicians say and what they actually do. Check out my previous post on this political site.

From 2002

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Site of the Day: For the Kids


This is not only site but free software from the Media Labs at M.I.T., and it is just in time for back to school. The name of the site and software is called Scratch. Scratch is a computer programming language developed for kids 8 and up from M.I.T. Media Labs. It is designed to help help kids to be familiar with the concepts of computer programming.

The software runs on windows and macs and it is free of course. So this would be great for schools to get kids interested in computers and technology. Allowing them to make the games instead of playing them. There are resources for educators and teachers to develop programs for their students as well.

The other cool thing about Scratch is it’s an online community. Kids can share their creations with other kids from all over. Kids can download other creations and see how it was created.

scratch overview

Check out this introduction to Scratch

A quick video tutorial

A Scratch Workshop

Also check out Blender 3d package. It is 3d and game creation software for free. It is great for older kids and adults. Check out what it can do here.

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If Only…

What would people really do if this was possible and actually happens….

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