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Site of the Day: Unity ’08

unity ‘08

While my candidate, Stephen Colbert got bumped by South Carolina (North Carolina is better anyway). I came about this site called Unity ’08. It is a site to create a presidential ticket by using technology and not lobbies and money. The ticket will comprise of candidates from both parties or even an independent. It is asking the public to be more active in the political process than they are now. Which in itself is great. As Americans, and Milwaukeeans, we need to take back our communities, cities, states, and nation from power hungry, apathetic bureaucrats, politicians, and lobbyists. They will also hold an online political convention in June 2008.

Unity08 is a growing movement of Americans that will combine America’s oldest values and newest technology to change our politics forever. We believe that neither of today’s parties reflects the aspirations of the majority of Americans. Both are unduly influenced by special interests and by money. We believe that, as each generation before us has done, it is time to re-ignite the torch of freedom and create the re-United States of America.

We are of all parties, all ages, and all ethnicities.

We will not waste time talking about the shortcomings of today’s parties or pointing fingers and bickering as they do.

Instead we will prepare to hold, in June 2008, the first-ever online convention where millions of Americans will nominate a Unity ticket for President and Vice President of the United States. We will work to achieve ballot access for that ticket in all 50 states. We will elect them to the White House in November 2008.

And, we will empower the American people to determine the crucial issues that will constitute the New American Agenda for the next president – and then vote on the key questions about those issues that all candidates seeking the Unity08 nomination will be expected to answer candidly and directly.

We invite all Americans to join us as voting members, to light up their own torch of freedom, and to help us reactivate the true American community – where finding common ground is how true leaders meet crucial issues and prove worthy of both our history and our dreams.

I am joining. You should check it out.


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