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Give the Gift of “Garbage”


This has been the year of  being green, and the holidays are no different.  How about giving that special someone and indoor composter.  Instead of letting those leftover spoil, you can create compost.  A company called NatureMill out of California(where else) created such an appliance.

The units are small enough to fit in regular kitchen cabinets, can process up to 120 lbs (55 kg) of organic waste per month, and use just 10 watts of energy. Composting takes place inside a sealed inner chamber. Air is drawn into the chamber by a small fan, and a mixbar and heater keep the process moving along at the correct temperature. A red light indicates when the cure tray needs to be emptied—about once every two weeks—and the end-product is rich compost fertilizer.

The units sell for USD 299–399. An outdoor version (USD 399) takes care of pet droppings, too: “for up to 2 large dogs, or 4 cats, rabbits, hamsters, snakes or other small animals.” NatureMills ships worldwide, but international shipping is costly. The company is building a global network of dealers. Time to contact them if you import or sell eco/household/kitchen products.   (via Springwise)


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Publishing your Family Tree


I always want to trace my family’s ancestry.  I thought it would be great to get all the stories and information about my family into a nice book to share with everyone.  Well now somebody has just done that. AncestryPress is company that allows you to create a book on your family’s ancestry or a beautiful family tree poster.  Not only this is real cool, but it makes a great gift idea.  The price is very reasonable: $29.95 for a family history book, and $19.95 for a family tree poster.

AncestryPress books are printed on 100-pound gloss, acid-free, archival paper. Each book is stitched and hand bound with a hard leatherette cover. Your custom two-line title is stamped on the cover in gold foil.

(via Springwise)

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Site of the Day: The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Ahh, the holidays.  Getting with family and sharing those precious moments with the world. Right. Wrong.  The site of the day allows you to share those embarassing, humilating family holiday moment.  Hellish Holidays is the site and if anything, it can make your family look like the Brady Bunch.  You can submit your moment to share with the world.

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Bridging the Digital Divide


There has been always a huge gap in digital divide between the rich and poor. It is almost necessity to know technology if you want to have a decent job. However, there is one non-profit who is trying to close the gap one child at a time. This non-profit is called One Laptop Per Child (OLPC).

OLPC’s mission is to provide a means for learning, self-expression, and exploration to the nearly two billion children of the developing world with little or no access to education. While children are by nature eager for knowledge, many countries have insufficient resources to devote to education—sometimes less than $20 per year per child (compared to an average of $7,500 in the United States). By giving children their very own connected XO laptop, we are giving them a window to the outside world, access to vast amounts of information, a way to connect with each other, and a springboard into their future. And we’re also helping these countries develop an essential resource—educated, empowered children.

How does it work. Well an individual can donate $399. With that money, one laptop will be delivered to child in a developing nation, then you get one for a child that is important in your life (that could be you). You could also give $200 and that would only get a child in a developing nation a laptop. You have until November 26th to participate in the “Give One, Get One” campaign.

The computer is pretty cool. It runs on Linux, and has wireless card. Plus some really cool software. This would be make a great gift for the holidays. A gift that helps. And yes, some of it is tax deductible.

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