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I Want Those Flashing Lights…

colin munroe

Over at RadioMilwaukee, we have been playing this song called “I Want Those Flashing Lights” by a Colin Munroe. There is a real cool video for it that I thought I share with you.

I also found another video for song called “World of Pain”.  Check out the video below, and let me know what you think.


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Questlove presents a new song from Gnarls Barkley

The new album from Gnarls Barkely is schedule for release April 8th. The album is called The Odd Couple. Check out the new track “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul” via Questlove’s lip syncing. via

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Video: Gnarls Barkley- “Run”

Gnarls Barkley just dropped the new video for their single “Run” from their forthcoming album, “The Odd Couple”. It is kind of a homage to the dance shows Soul Train and American Bandstand.


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Video: Barackula

We mention the horror-musical Barackula a few posts ago. Well the short film is out and available in HD at their site. You can watch here in Youtube quality.  Enjoy.

Barackula is a short political horror rock musical about young Barack Obama having to stave off a secret society of vampires at Harvard when he was inducted into presidency at the Harvard Law Review in 1990. Obama (Justin Sherman) finds that he must convince the vampire society that opposing political philosophies can coexist or else the society may transform Obama to the dark side. Reminiscent to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and a slight infusion of Jesus Christ Superstar, the film solely depicts Obama’s strengths, merits and genuineness while being respectful towards the other presidential candidates.

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Video:Sam Sparro – Black & Gold

We just started playing “Black & Gold” from a new artist by the name of Sam Sparro. We would love to hear your opinion on this song.

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I love Underdogs


Congratulations to the Giants who were ironically the underdogs. Something about underdogs I really love. The Giants were like Charlie Brown finally kicking the football which Lucy was holding. Everyone I talked to said Giants had no chance to beat the unbeaten Patriots. This says a lot about life and not to let anyone tell you it can’t be done. So here is to you New York courtesy of one of my favorite artist, Cat Power.

Oh yeah for all you people rooting for the Patriots to have an unbeaten season, I offer this to you.


Grab it while it is still hot over at Amazon. (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

Amazon Patriots

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Badu is getting Sweet & Sticky


Over here at RadioMilwaukee, we have been playing Erykah Badu’s new single “Honey” produced by 9th wonder formerly of Little Brother. She has finally dropped the video for the song. I have to say this is a really cool video. You just got to check it out. The video is a music geek’s dream.

I think the video is set in Amoeba record store (one of the finest record stores in the country).

Check out her new track “The Healer” produced by Madlib

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Another Resolution for 2008


Besides being a sexy geek for 2008 as resolution, I have another one.  I saw this video over at ill doctrine about being first when it applies to blogging. I have to totally agree with my man Jay Smooth. A lot of bloggers try to get the news first instead of bringing their own perspective to the story. So my goal for next year when it comes to my blogs is to be more insightful and bring a different perspective to the stuff I find on the internet. Anyhoo, y’all have a happy new year!

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Flashback Video: Fishbone

Fishbone is one of my favorite bands of all times.  I was first introduced to the band by this 1991 Video for “Everyday Sunshine”

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Toast the Holidays with Spam!!!

Happy Holidays

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