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Tarik Moody, a graduate of Howard University School of Architecture in Washington DC, got his first taste of the music industry back in the mid 90’s as an intern for a cable access music video show called Sonic Ignition in Washington D.C. He met and talked to artists such as Chuck D from Public Enemy, Republica and Cypress Hill.

He moved to Minneapolis in 1998 and started volunteering at the local non-commercial radio station KFAI-FM in 1999. Eventually he hooked up with DJ Jennifer and became co-host of the station’s long-running show, “Groove Garden.” In 2003, he became one of four hosts for KFAI’s “Local Sound Department.”

He currently hosts the award-winning “The Rhythm Lab” with longtime DJ partner Don Cuco on Minnesota Public Radio’s The Current (89.3 Twin Cities). The show features “rhythm diaspora: soul, neo-soul, funk, hip-hop, jazz, nu jazz, world beat, go-go, latin, broken beat and reggae.”

At RadioMilwaukee, Tarik will also continue work with that show, which will be jointly produced by Minnesota Public Radio and RadioMilwaukee. He is now the Digital Manager and DJ for RadioMilwaukee


5 Responses

  1. yo, how do i get on here?
    i make good muisc, i’m sure that’s on the list somewhere.
    so check me off on that.


  2. yo how do i get on here.

  3. 2.0 Weblogs says:

    What’s popping Tarik? Thanks for the fresh goods that we be digging on-line. Peace!

  4. Tarik says:

    Thanks. FYI. This blog will be migrating to our new RadioMilwaukee station Blog. You can check it out here at

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