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What is Barack feeling…Hip Hop?

obama hip hop

Again I want to thank The Couch Sessions for this video. Jay-Z should get a huge bump from this one.

What is your opinion of this video? What would Hilary like? You know that could be a good premise for a blog. How about Stuff that Democrats Like… or Stuff that Republicans Like (note: I have already trademarked them both).


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2 Responses

  1. thecoppersun says:

    You know…I think I lose a little something for Barack whenever I think about this clip. No doubt, Barack has to stayed connected and protected by the Black community…but can you seriously see him riding to political debates and lobbying events listening to Big Pimpin’? As much as I hate to say it…I think Obama’s affininty for hip hop (in this interview at least) is a political ploy…used in hopes that he will receive the young, Black, hip hop vote.

    // TCS

  2. Tarik says:

    Of course it is political ploy. But at least he is trying to connect. I do agree with him on the Jay-Z’s American Gangster and I do thing that part was mostly sincere, but then it starts to sound scripted after that.

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