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Stuff White People Like vs The Assimilated Negro

Ebony and Ivory

Well it was bound to happen. One of the fastest growing blog about things that white people like and a blog that looks at the black perspective (in a twisted way). finally meet for an interview(part 1 & part 2). I told you Stuff White People Like(SWPL) was becoming one of my favorite blog not to mentions celebrities such as Kanye West to the LA Times(go figure). Over 3 million hits to SWPL as I am writing this post. What is even funnier than the actual posts, are the comments. Apparently, there are people who are taking this seriously which makes their comments funny. In all honesty, I really believe if anything can improve race relations, it is humor and the ability not to take ourselves so seriously. There are more important issues like poverty, education, and other issues we should take seriously.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

SWPL: man, everyone wants a post on mayo. Undercover Brother was more powerful than we first thought

TAN: indeed. i did a post on the washcloth once …. and somewhat inexplicably some commenters turned the thread into a convo on mayo.

SWPL: that wash cloth thing. my friend K (who is black, from Louisiana) could not get enough. I was like “what’s wrong with soap on skin” and she just laughed for like 30 minutes. I was like, I guess some girls use it for their face and stuff.

TAN: yeah, its kinda funny …. i don’t use a washcloth, and do use mayo (assimilation!) and some people have been puzzled.

SWPL: ha. the wash cloth debate has probably been hampered by the explosion in shower gels and such.

TAN: maybe .. but I don’t know, the key seemed to be whether 1. you felt you needed material to properly get the dirt off … so soap, shower gel whatever. and 2. how much bacteria dirt the washcloth itself carries so how do you clean it …

SWPL: washing machine. I think like towels.

TAN: so its not just gels, loofahs and other alternatives hamper the cloth also

SWPL: remember how Eddie Murphy got cleaned in Coming to America in that opening scene. that was pretty cool too.

If you have checked out the SWPL or The Assimilated Negro (TAN), what do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. 99ppp says:

    Race is a socially constructed abstract. When we see each other as individuals rather than part of nebulous entity characterized by groupthink, we’ll all be better off.

  2. […] brought it to my attention. [back]See Part 2 of the interview at The Assimilated Negro. [back]See Part 1 of the interview at The Assimilated Negro. […]

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