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If you can stand the heat, Stay in the Kitchen


Some of my friends know that one of my hobbies is cooking. It is also the holiday season which means that there will a lot of cooking going on. I got a couple of things to inspire you this holiday season and anytime of the year.

The first online resource for cooking is called Open Source Food. It is a social network for aspiring chefs. People share their recipes with others. Others can judge your recipe as well.

Open Source Food came to fruition because me and my father wanted to create a place for people like us. We’re not professional cooks, we just love food. We want to share, learn and improve ourselves with the help of like-minded food lovers. Open Source Food is a platform for that. –Jon Yongfook


The next one is a video podcast. I found about this from Trace Magazine’s blog. It is called The Dante Fried Chicken Show. There is only one episode and a trailer. It is little more than a cooking show. It is a variety show with interviews, live music and of course cooking. It is kind of like a cooking show surrounded by a party. The host cooks vegan dishes in addition to other culinary delights which is cool. The host is Dante Gonzalez .

…Dante Gonzales aka the Stove Top General. Located in Harlem on 125th Street and Broadway, the lounge is a comfortable restaurant/bar with a spacious stage in the basement. General Gonzales hails from California where he learned to cook and “flip” recipes from his grandmother Jean Crawford. The Jean Cashew Hot Wings with Apricot Sauce had this writer salivating; hot and crispy with plenty of flavor. The Sock It 2 Me Tofu tastes so much like fried chicken a vegetarian would send it back!

Dante has been cooking for 7 years now. He started in New York by having chicken parties for music industry heads which launched his immediate success…

Dante’s music background includes alternative, Afro-Brazilian, Caribbean as well as hip-hop. Dante considers the south sound a new energetic sound although most of the artists are lyrically the same. He thinks this movement is conceptually smart and here to stay. He told us, on the low of course, (shh!) that he used to give away mixed music he made with his food…

Dante’s Fried Chicken Show

Check out the trailer here (some language not suitable for the young ones)

What is your favorite recipe for the holidays?


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