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GQ Men of the Year:Ron Paul????

Ron Paul

GQ released their list for the 2007’s  Men of the Year.  It includes only one presidential candidate. Ron Paul.  Check this video of the GQ Man of the Year from 1988’s Morton Downey Jr. Show (remember that show?).  Listen to his position on the legalization of drugs.

Here is the rest of the GQ’s list:

– Casey Affleck – Breakout of the Year
– Judd Apatow, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd – Comedy
– Javier Bardem – Villain
– Brad Bird, director of ‘Ratatouille’ – Innovator
– Cate Blanchette in ‘I’m Not There’ – Performance of the Year
– Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York – Maverick
– Boise State vs. Oklahoma at the Fiesta Bowl – Game of the Year
– Josh Brolin – Tough Guy
– Cast of ‘Mad Men’ – Instant Classic
– David Chang of New York’s Momofuku – Chef
– David Chase, creator of ‘The Sopranos’ – Final Act
– Simon Cowell – Mastermind
– John Cusack – Comeback
– Daft Punk – Trailblazers
– Daria – Supermodel of the Year
– Sgt. Joshua Delgado and the new breed of medics serving in Iraq – Unsung
– Roger Federer – Court King
– Tom Hanks – Icon
– Emile Hirsch – Wild Man
– Ryan Howard, first baseman, Philadelphia Phillies – Slugger
– Lil Wayne – Workaholic
– Josh Marshall, blog founder, Talking Points Memo – Muckraker
– James McAvoy – British Import
– Derek O’Dell, student, Virginia Tech – Lifesaver
– Hayden Panettiere – Obsession of the Year
– Ron Paul, presidential candidate – Dark Horse of the Year
– Alex Rodriguez – Hit Man
– Seth Rogen – Father of the Year
– Mark Ruffalo – Secret Weapon
– Julian Schnabel – Visionary
– Jason Schwartzman – Cool Kid
– John Smeaton, baggage handler, Glasgow International Airport – Employee
of the Year
– Channing Tatum – Man of Next Year
– Robin Thicke and Rihanna – Smooth Operators
– John Varvatos – Designer of the Year
– Shaun White – Reinvention


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3 Responses

  1. J.P. says:

    Wow, that was pretty painful to see Ron Paul attacked by those people for defending freedom of choice. His main argument is that the govt. should not be able to control what people put inside their bodies.

    Fast forward to 2008. I think Ron Paul has been vindicated. 20 years of the War on Drugs and no real progress in reducing drugs, with billions spent. The terrorists we fight around the globe (including the Taliban) are funded by illegal drugs. The War on Terror would probably be a lot easier if we legalized and they lost their revenue.

    Try going to youtube and watching some of his recent videos. They are much better. After all, he is Man of The Year in 2007, not 1988, right? Google him too–he says a lot of things that make a lot of sense.

    I am a career Naval officer who has always been politically neutral, but voting for Ron Paul is about voting for America and our Constitution, which I took an oath to preserve. Dr. Paul receives more money from the military than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat.

  2. Tarik says:

    The funny thing is that he embodies a true republican. The current republican party has been hijacked by dixiecrats such as Jesse Helms who was a democrat. Ron Paul and people like Colin Powell are the only real true republicans out there.

    From Wikipedia:
    The Dixiecrat party was a segregationist, populist, socially conservative splinter party of the Democratic Party in the mid-20th century who were determined to protect what they saw as the Southern “way of life” against what they perceived as an oppressive federal government.

    Notice the socially conservative splinter term and “way of life”. Sound familiar. It should. It is the basis of the “republican party” platform.

  3. Tarik says:

    I deleted someone’s comment by mistake. Please repost if you want.

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