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Will Internet killed the Radio Star?

As broadband connections continue to increase, internet radio is becoming a huge global market opportunity. Already, one in four of the USA’s population listen regularly to internet radio. – CSR website

internet radio



With wireless internet becoming more ubiquitous, the more of a choice to listen to what we want through internet radio. CSR a wirless chip specialist has been working on a chip that allows for streaming audio via wireless internet. This chip could be put into various devices including phones, mp3 players, car stereos, etc. CSR calls it RadioPro. What makes this even more interesting is that they got the cost per unit down to $15.

From “Wireless chip specialist CSR is readying a Wi-Fi internet radio reference design that it says has an electronics Bill of Materials of just $15 in volume and thus changes the economics ofdesigning products for internet radio reception…

CSR believes that by 2009, 40 percent of MP3 and portable media players will offer Internet radio capabilities, as would half of all DAB and satellite radios and a third of home Hi-Fi systems. Other applications are likely to include iPod docking stations and set top boxes.

The low power design of RadioPro boasts up to 25 hours of active streaming time running on a 1500mAH battery. RadioPro provides wireless streaming of internet radio via Wi-Fi, without the need for a PC, and can support over 10,000 radio stations through a dedicated internet radio portal. CSR has teamed with specialist company vTuner to provide the portal with its designs, but this portal link can be exchanged if necessary.

CSR says with its BOM of $15, ODMs would be able to bring internet radio products to consumers for much less, typically $60 to $70 for a complete product according to Kenig.

This could really transform the radio landscape within 3-4 years. Satellite radio could go out of business, and terrestrial radio stations would become like the major networks when cable tv arrived on the scene. If this happens would you stop listening to terrestrial radio and listen more to internet radio stations? I know what I am going to do is invest into CSR.

Just curious, if you listen to internet radio, what do you listen to?


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5 Responses

  1. DP says:

    What do you listen to? You listen to your favorites wherever you are–PC, mobile, tabletop, portable, or automobile. And, wherever they and you are–around the world or around a blocking corner. And, you find a few more.

    Internet radio complements terrestrial radio–most listening is to terrestrial, broadcast stations streaming live. Webcasts, podcasts, listen again, and archive listening is growing–but not dominating.

    The primary Internet radio portal alternative to more known vTuner is Ressen Design’s Radeo: In addition to more than 10,000 Stations, it offers more than 1 million listen again and archive streams. And, it auto-syncs across hardware platforms–PC, mobile, tabletop, portable, and automobile.

    (Reciva: portal has a much smaller database, and it is bundled with their electronics module.)


    The Radeo Internet Player
    More than 10,000 Stations, 20,000 Shows, and 1,000,000 Episodes.
    Worldwide Internet Radio—Broadcasts, Webcasts, and Podcasts.
    Wherever You Are, Wherever They Are, and Whatever They Are.
    Easy to Play Your Favorites, Find More, and Share Them.

  2. Tarik says:

    thanks for the links and your opinion

  3. Tarik says:

    You don’t think within 3-5 years that terrestrial radio will be hurt buy internet radio once wireless is available almost everywhere. Sort of like how cable tv took away a lot of the audience of network tv. Meaning that terrestrial audience will lessen because of more choices that fit their likes. Therefore advertisers will not spend as much as they use too.

  4. Rishil says:

    If free hi quality online radio station is what you are looking then check out simply easy…

  5. evanelrod says:

    Very late reply to this, but I was just browsing around and found your post.
    I agree that Internet radio is the future, and with the recent purchase of the 700 mhz band, there are even more possibilities for wi-fi and internet radio, etc. BUT, something that syndicated internet radio can not ever offer, is locality. They’ll never been in a smaller town/market reporting news, etc.
    And while a lot of traditional radio stations are now streaming, (even with the possibility of ridiculously high fees associated with it) some yet will (and can) not.
    So I would also agree with DP in saying that the two can complement each other if they stay out of each others way.
    Very informative post btw. I was not aware of the CSR chip.

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