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Jay-Z on Charlie Rose: “Don’t Pick on Hip Hop”


To all those who thinks hip-hop is nothing but a corruption of the youth, and doesn’t offer nothing to society. Check this video of Jay-Z on Charlie Rose talking about his new album American Gangster. Yeah, you heard right Charlie Rose. The culture of Hip-Hop is complex just as life is complex. To all mainstream media, please stop simplfying hip-hop.

Pay attention to his comments on Russell Simmons and Don Imus.  Dom Imus is not Hip Hop. Don’t blame hip hop for Don Imus statements.

I am Hip-Hop.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses

  1. […] who has grown since the last project but on the other hand we’ve seen Kwali resort to a more mainstream approach.  The release promises to be much different in flavor from their first effort i’m must not […]

  2. mikeyx says:

    I Love Hiphop Music I love Jay-Z

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