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Wisconsin for Colbert


From Meet the Press

As some of you know, I am now backing Stephen Colbert for president; however, he is only running in South Carolina. This poll and this report got me thinking. Why does South Carolina get all the fun? Let’s get Stephen Colbert on the Ballot in Wisconsin. Anyway it is easier to get on the ballot in Wisconsin than South Carolina. Plus the deadline is not until Sept 2008. Colbert will only need 2000 signatures of registered Wisconsin Voters.

Why do I want to do this? Is to give these real comedians who call themselves politicians a wake-up call. These candidates only care about money not the real issues in this country (Republican or Democrat). They use canned speeches and cliches when they talk to us. I bet none of them can have a true honest discussion from the heart. If Stephen Colbert, can get higher in polls, maybe the politicians might change.

So Mr. Colbert please consider to be on the ballot in Wisconsin (it is easier). Hey if Arnold and Jesse can do it, anything possible.


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2 Responses

  1. madmouser says:

    This makes sense to me. Plus, he does not run in the same corrupt circles as the politicians, so maybe the pork projects would end.

  2. […] I would be honored if you got on the ballot here. If anyone in Wisconsin would like to pursue Wisconsin for Colbert please contact me or leave a comment. I am serious. I want to give a wake-up call to the political […]

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