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Don’t Sleep On: Santogold


I decided to start a new blog feature in addition to the ‘Site of the Day’ post. It will be called ‘Don’t Sleep On’. The feature will showcase a new artist that you need to know about and that can also be heard on 88Nine RadioMilwaukee. We kind of started this with our previous post on Rahj and Taylor McFerrin.

So in this Don’t Sleep On we will showcased an artist originally from Philadelphia. Her name is Santogold. We mention her a few months back in my post on “What is Black Music: Part Deux”. I have know about her for a little over a year. She is now getting a lot of press as of late. She was even hand-picked by Bjork to open for her in Madison Square in NYC. We are currently have Santogold’s ‘Les Artistes’ in rotation.


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2 Responses

  1. […] favorite artist right now is the multi talented Santi White aka Santogold. She has been all over the music blogosphere for some time now. I have been playing her music on […]

  2. RL Jacks says:

    It is fresh and new and familiar all at the same time. I dig it the most…

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