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Get Rid of Debt by Helping Others


Debt sucks. I can say that with experience. Just when you start to see the surface, you get knock down with some other expense. However, in the UK an organization is helping people with debt by asking them to volunteer their time for a charity. I love this concept. Only if someone in this country would do this (hint to credit card companies). The site is called Do Good 4 Debt. The site will be officially starting up in January 2008.

Do Good 4 Debt works very simply:

  1. If you are in debt, you sign up to the site and complete your profile. This profile will then be viewed by the companies looking to sponsor somebody to go and work for a charity. (Note: your profile will not be made public ever and only pre-screened companies can view you profile).
  2. If you are selected by a company, you will have the option of a small group of charities to go and work for in exchange that your debt is paid off under the sponsorship. (Note: There is a maximum amount of debt that can be paid off).
  3. You will be given a trial period with the charity and if you and them are happy then a full agreement will put in place and at each milestone of your charity work, a chunk of your debt will be paid off.
  4. Upon completion of your placement, you will be asked to put together a short presentation on your time spent with the charity and present it back to the company that sponsored you.



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