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Finally I have a Candidate I can back

With all the phony politicians running for president, I almost gave up on the 2008 election until now.   A candidate that understands my values.  Hilary who, Mit who, Obama who?

Maybe this will turn out like the Jesse Ventura the Governor.

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4 Responses

  1. teenedge says:

    Ohh why doesn’t Stephen Colbert just run for president?? P.S. did you hear Obama’s related to Dick Cheney??? <— i read it there!

  2. teenedge says:

    and when i say, “why doesn’t he run” i mean, really, why can’t we just elect him for real! haha!

  3. Tarik says:

    that is interesting about Obama and Cheney. We need a true outsider in the White House, and you know we need to clean house, by having all of congress booted and start fresh.

  4. Matt Hoffman says:

    I think that it would be great if Colbert ran for presidency. He seems to know his stuff and he’s a very likable guy. (Hell, we have other celebrities in office, so why not him?) The only issue I’d see with him being elected is our enemies not taking us seriously as a country anymore and taking advantage of that. It’s still something nice to go “what if” about.

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