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Think Different Milwaukee

What does this old Apple ad have to do with you Milwaukee. Simple. As you know I work at new radio station called RadioMilwaukee. It is a radio station that reflects the diversity and uniqueness of Milwaukee. This is a complete different approach to radio. We are not necessarily trying to change the world, but just your world by bringing great music that reflects the diversity of Milwaukee, great local music that doesn’t get played anywhere in the city, and stories that matter to you without the media hype. Here at RadioMilwaukee we think different not for the sake to think different, but to make a difference. We also want you to think different, by supporting us with financial contribution. With your contribution, we can continue to think different and make radio a truly Milwaukee experience.


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2 Responses

  1. Thunk Different Milwaukee.

    So as a local blogger, iHad to comment on this post for two reasons.

    1. iWrite and am living here.
    2. iHeard a new song today iThink y’all should listen to.

    So how did i come across this post? Dum(b) luck. Your iTunes stream maxed out and iHad to go looking for other Sconnie Favorites, this is what I found:

    -Thunk Different. Author & Blogger.

  2. Tarik says:

    That is funny. Yeah I check out your blog too. I dig it.

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