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Site of the Day: Taking Notes meets Myspace

School is officially back in session. You got 8 classes, and you got a tone of notebooks taking notes and trying to stay organize. You even have notes on napkins and on your hand. You ask your friend to copy is notes either his or her notes are incomplete or you can’t just read them. Here is where our site of the day comes in.


The site is called Notesake. It is a collaborative note taking website. Think of it as Myspace for notes. The site makes easy to collaborate, share notes with other members of the site.

Work Together

You and your classmates or study group may work together under one group within NoteSake, sharing notes between members. We understand the dangers of plagiarism. Only those who have been invited to join by the creator of a group may view the notes compiled by that group. This is done for your privacy, security, and safety.

Easily pass a note

Do you wish to give someone a copy of a note? This is also easy to accomplish—just pass along the note to the desired recipient. The recipient then possesses an exact copy in their notes page. At this point, the recipient may do anything with the note. This, of course, is done completely independent of your own copy.

This is a great idea especially when laptops are becoming a requirement in colleges. Check it out.



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