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Time Killers: Viral Videos

I thought I might share a cool video with y’all while you are waiting to get out of work and go to happy hour enjoy.

I found all these links from a great web show called WebbAlert.

Here are the links to everyone mentioned in the full video:
1. Dramatic Chipmunk
2. SouthPark: The Spirit of Chistmas
3. The Star Wars Kid
4. The Numa Numa Guy – (and don’t miss his sequel)
5. The Back Dorm Boys
6. Napster Bad
7. The Winnebago Man
8. Bert is Evil! No, really evil!
9. Goatse…ummm, go look it up on Wikipedia…
10. JibJab
11. GI Joe PSA’s
12. You’re the Man Now, Dog – which blossomed into a full-blown community.
13. Spongemonkies
14. The Superbowl’s Gay
15. Ask a Ninja
16. Average Homeboy … who now has his own super-cheesy website, or watch him being interviewed on the local news
17. LonelyGirl 15
18. House of Cosby’s
19. Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager
20. Ze Frank
21. Lazy Sunday
22. Kid from Brooklyn
23. Bubb Rubb and Lil Siss
24. George Lucas in Love
25. Micahel Richards/Kramer’s Racial Tirade
26. Myspace – the Movie
27. The Chuck Norris List
28. Geriatric 1927
29. Mahir/I Kiss You – oh, and here’s the story that made him famous
30. Brian Atene auditions for Stanley Kubrick (and here he is reacting to his young self 20 years later. Yes, he gets even better with age.)
31. Leroy Jenkins – and the post-battle interview.
32. Homestar Runner
33. Grape Stomp (with slo-mo replay)
34. Paris Hilton Sex Tape
35. All Your Base are Belong to Us
36. Diet Coke and Mentos
37. OK Go – Here it Goes Again
Plus – The band’s website
38. The Shining Remix
39. Sneezing Panda
40. Dick in a Box
Plus – The Guys That Made It All Possible
41. Rocketboom (now with a new host)
Amanda Congdon now on ABC
42. Yacht Rock
43. Snakes on a Plane
44. The Angry German Kid
45. Otters Holding Hands
46. Daxflame
47. Bride’s Massive Hair Wig Out
48. Colbert Roasts Bush
49. Little Superstar
50. Lightning Bolt!
51. OMG Shoes!
52. Tom Cruise CRAZY on Oprah
53. Weird Al’s White & Nerdy
54. Kevin Federline – Popozao (comments disabled on YouTube!)
55. Cox + Combes’ Washington
56. Ashlee Simpson Lip Sync Debacle
57. Boom Goes the Dynamite
58. Lilly Tomlin in a Fight
59. Peanut Butter Jelly Time
60. Christmas Lights Gone Wild
61. William Shatner’s Rocket Man
Stewie Griffen’s spoof of Shatner
62. The Evolution of Dance (#1 Most Viewed in YouTube history)
63. People Getting Hurt
64. Talking to their Web Cam
65. Chocolate Rain
John Mayer’s Spoof
And the official site of Chocolate Rain’s singer
66. I Like Turtles


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