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Hip Hop in Perspective

[Check the caption under picture. Great Journalism there Washington Post. Thanks to The Couch Sessions for this]

With all the hype surrounding Kanye West and 50’s cd this week, I admit have I been suckered by the marketing machine. I do think Kanye’s record is really good (3.5 out of 5); however my man over at ill doctrine, made me step back and think for minute(actually longer). The fact that there is a lot of shallowness in the world. We forget that there are people are doing amazing and creative things to help each other. Instead of sinking money into the stagnate music industry, Jay Smooth gives us ten things to do with our money instead of fueling the marketing machine of the hype between Kanye & 50.

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Do you have any other things that we could do that might make the world better or even just in your own community? Leave a comment.


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