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Site of the Day: Story of My Life

It has been a while since I have done one of these. Now I am running three blogs: the one you reading now, the newly designed Rhythm Lab blog and RadioMilwaukee’s newest blog about Milwaukee Music called 414 Music.

Why do I bring this up? Well it has something to do with the site of the day. It is a kind of blogging tool; however, it is more than that. Think of it as a site that you can track your life experiences, dreams, photos, videos, etc. and then share it with your family. Then having other family and friends do the same and then connect with each other.

The site is called Story of My Life. I think this is a great idea. Among all the other features I mention, the one I am really interested in trying is the ability to build a family tree and connect with family stories. This site maybe a good tool to help families communicate and grow together. It is like a family scrapbook on steroids.

story of my life

What also makes it great you can make it private so only the people you want to see it, see it.

Give it shot and let me know what you think. Maybe other ways of using this tool.

The company even started a non-profit called Story of My Life Foundation (original). Where the goal of this foundation to promise that your life story will be there forever.

Mission Statement

ForeverThe Story of My Life Foundation™ is a not-for-profit
entity who manages the content related to the
Story of My Life website.
Our Mission Statement

  • To collect and keep people’s Legacies, in the form of
    Stories and corresponding files, forever.
  • To assure this data is accessible online forever.
  • To respect people’s privacy wishes regarding their
  • To capture the Story of every person on earth.
  • To sponsor Story pages for those who otherwise may not have
    means to do so

Also check out (A similar site that uses a collaborative timeline).


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