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Site of the Day: Beer meets Myspace


I thought this was be a cool site of day since I live in Brew City. The site is called Coastr. It is a social network for beer lovers.

Coastr is a simple and free service for people who love beer. Our goal is to allow you to connect with other passionate, like-minded people in order to discover new brews that you would have otherwise not known about.

The site is broken up by exploring types of beers and places to brink beers.  Under exploring beers, you search by style, origin, brewery, and tag. You can add your bown beer to the database.  Under places to drink, there are plenty of cities to search for places; however, Milwaukee is not one of them.  I find this kind of upsetting.  Hey Milwaukee we need to represent. Minneapolis is on there and their beer can’t compare to Milwaukee!

So Milwaukee, What is your favorite local beer/brewery?


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  1. Dan says:

    Coastr is an awesome service and I think its a great example of how someone can create a simple, easy-to-use, and fun site. Its also pretty clever – Thanks for pointing it out.

    (i came across your blog searching for beer social networks!)

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