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StoryCorps: Griot (Telling your Story)


In the previous post about the hip hop video blog, I mention a little about StoryCorps:Griot. This is a really cool project.

StoryCorps Griot is a one-year initiative, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to collect interviews from at least 1,750 African Americans. From February 15, 2007, through February 28, 2008, the StoryCorps Griot Initiative will make stops of up to six weeks in nine locations across the nation, partnering with radio stations, historically black colleges and universities, and other cultural institutions and membership organizations, to record and distribute the stories of 1,750 African Americans. The StoryCorps Griot Initiative will place a special emphasis on the stories of World War II veterans and men and women involved in the Civil Rights struggle.

The StoryCorps Griot Initiative will help ensure that the voices, experiences, and life stories of African Americans will be preserved and presented with dignity. It will also build bonds between citizens and broadcast media by celebrating our shared humanity and collective identity.

Where will StoryCorps Griot visit?

Atlanta, GA   Feb 15–Mar 24, 2007
Newark, NJ   Mar 29–May 5, 2007
Detroit, MI   May 10–Jun 16, 2007
Chicago, IL   Jun 21–Jul 28, 2007
Oakland, CA   Aug 9–Sep 14, 2007

They also have blog for their journey. If you living in these cities, definitely stop by. They are scheduling more cities as well. Institutions and community-based organizations can collaborate with StoryCorps Griot in several ways by becoming Community Partners. They can host interviews at a site of their choosing and Facilitators will travel to them. They can bring community residents to the GriotBooth for scheduled interviews. They can also spread the word about StoryCorps Griot through information sessions and material distribution. For more information about becoming a StoryCorps Griot Community Partner, please contact Ruby Sheets, Outreach Coordinator for StoryCorps Griot, at or 646-723-7025 ext. 61.

Individuals can conduct their own interviews with their storykit.


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