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Site of the Day:2 for 1

2 for 1

I want to apologize for not posting here in a while. I have been on vacation and even though I am back physically, mentally I am still getting back. Anyway I also work on my radio show blog at (check it out). So to make it up to everyone, I have pick two sites for the Site of the Day.


The first site is site for a cool little software application called Democracy. It is not a political game or some type of election analysis application. Think of it as Tivo for the Internet. With all the videos from youtube, dailymotion and the hundreds of video sites , you can’t afford to riskig your job by surfing for that right video. This free, open source application allows you to download videos from all over the web. You can even subscribe to internet TV Shows. There are even some built in to watch (the next site is from one of those shows). You can even watch HD videos in HD.

From the Website

Democracy Player is free, open source, and built by a non-profit organization. Our goal isn’t to make money off of you. Our goal is to give you the best possible video experience.

Television is the most powerful medium in our culture, and it’s moving online. There’s a huge opportunity to hear new voices. But if video on the internet is dominated by just one or two huge video websites, we’re all in serious trouble. Openness, competition, and decentralization make the internet work. We need to ensure that online video has that same freedom.

Democracy Player keeps online video open by letting you connect to all of the big video hosting sites and thousands of independent publishers, all in one place. Don’t get locked in to one video host.




Democracy works on Macs, Windows, and Linux you can download it here.


The second site is a video blog that I discovered through the Democracy application. It is called the Jetset Show. What is Jet Set?

Created by Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf, JETSET is an Internet and pop culture show for young adults featuring cool, weird, fun, geeky, underground, true-to-life, curious, quirky things and people found online and off. JETSET is a production of Smashface Productions, LLC.

There are over 50 epsiodes, and quite entertaining for the inner geek in all of us. You can watch a good intro to the Jetset Show here. The show even has it own social network called with over 250 members.


Here is an old episode


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