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Warm and Scratchy

Adult Swim has probably one of the most innovative and ‘out there programming on tv. Yet that is not enough for them. They want to put out innovative and ‘out there’ music, and better yet give it away for free. Their new compilation called ‘Warm and Scratchy’ is no different. Artists such as TV on the Radio, The Rapture, Broken Social Scene and others appears on the album. You can download the full album from here.

01. Me-I – TV On The Radio
02. Dead Sound – The Ravenettes
03. The Equestrian – Les Savy Fav
04. Crimson Red – The Rapture
05. Justine – 120 Days
06. Canada Vs. America – Broken Social Scene
07. Color of the love You Have – SOUND Team
08. The Bunting Song (acoustic version) – The Good, The Bad and The Queen
09. Half Century – The Brother Kite
10. Silver (Original Beats) – Jesu
11. Back to Flash – Amusement Parks on Fire
12. Stay Awake – Asobi Seksu
13. Winter – Fennesz
14. Sunset Rodeo – Liars

Video for Me-I from TV on the Radio


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