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Joss Stone Please

Alice Russell
Alice Russell

Sharon Jones
Sharon Jones

First off I not dissing Joss Stone. There are parts of the album that are catchy and interesting and I will admit she has real talent (plus a great producer in Raphael Saadiq). I just wanted to point out that there a lot of artists are doing what she is doing longer, and better than Joss. The only reason Joss is big is basically because she is young and sexy and half naked on her cd. Let’s admit it: SEX SELLS, NOT MUSIC (especially in mainstream America). Joss has released two albums and no one really paid attention until now. Is it the music or is it here “style of dress”. I just want to point two overlooked but talented and amazing singers: Alice Russell and Sharon Jones. Sharon Jones born and raised in Augusta, Georgia (Same birth place as one James Brown). Later in life in New York she hooked up with Dap-Kings and released an amazing album, Dap-Dippin with Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. Then a follow up called Naturally (equally amazing).

Then there is the soul singer from the UK (like Joss Stone) named Alice Russell. I have known about it for few years now. She has worked with Quantic and the Quantic Soul Orchestra, and she is on this great label called Tru-Thoughts. She has three full length releases out: Under the Munka Moon, My Favorite Letters, and Under the Munka Moon II (remixes).

Here is a mix from that is a primer on the whole retro-soul movment


Alice Russell – Mirror Mirror on the Wolf, Tell the Story Right (Bonobo Mix)

Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – Fish in the Dish


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