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The Hip Hop Project

The Hip Hop Project

I know the last few posts have been dominated about the whole Don Imus and hip hop controversy(I promise the next post will be about something else). But I just can get over on how our so call mainstream media organizations (including you Oprah) has basically called Hip Hop part of the ‘axis of evil’. So I have been trying to find a balance. In searching for that balance, I came across this movie/documentary called the Hip Hop Project. The film’s executive producers are Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah (this alone peaks my curiosity).

The film is about a former homeless teenager named Kazi who inspired group of young New Yorkers to grow and developed through Hip Hop (are you listening Oprah). There two things quite amazing about this film. One, 100% of the net profits are being donated to charities that help the youth. Two, The original MPAA rating for the film was ‘R’, but with the help of Russell Simmons they got it change to PG-13. Now all we got to do it is get a screening here in Milwaukee for free. The film will open May 11 nationwide.

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The Hip Hop Project Trailer


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