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Fantasy Congress

Fantasy Congress
Sick of losing at Fantasy Baseball or just don’t like baseball, but you want to play some kind of fantasy sport. How about politics? Go check out Fantasy Congress.

Here what the website describe what Fantasy Congress is:

Fantasy Congress™ offers you the power to “play politics.” As in other fantasy sports, you – the Citizen – draft a team of real-life legislators from the U.S. Congress and score points for your team’s successes. Join a league and compete against other Citizens, or form a league of your own! Play against your friends, family, bloggers, fellow politicos, or even a sitting U.S. Senator (one could be playing incognito, you never know!). On weekends, move Members of Congress into your active line-up or off your team to strategize for the upcoming week of legislation!

Educators, Fantasy Congress is the perfect tool for bringing home the process of legislation and the role of Congress to your students. Our database is the largest and broadest of its kind, and is updated daily. At the intersection of all of this information, students follow legislation precisely, monitor members of Congress of their own choice, and best of all compete with their friends in the game, in a classroom league or in informal leagues of their own design.

This is good way to see what your politician is really doing on the job besides opening his/her big mouth.


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  1. Jay says:

    That sounds very interesting. Good way to see what your congressman is doing.

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